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ICF Certified Coach, PCC

Theresa left an 18-year career as a sign language interpreter and entrepreneur in Executive Leadership Coaching services to explore how technology can be used as a tool for support training and panic/support in the community. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl, she moved with her family to Upstate New York in 1990, because of the area’s uniquely compassionate approach to social issues. She is humbled by this work every day. ICF Certified Leadership/Team Building Coach PCC.

What is "The GO Model"

mental organization at it's finest

Pioneering Ideas and a Culture of Health
The goal of The GO! Model is an opportunity is to explore:
to look into the future and put health first as we design for
changes in how we live, learn, work and support; to wade into
uncharted waters in order to better understand what new trends,
opportunities and breakthrough ideas in support partners for panic
attack recovery and how they can enable everyone in
America to live the healthiest life possible. While improving the
status quo is vital to the health and well-being of millions of Americans
living with panic and anxiety right now, The GO! Model opportunity reaches
beyond incremental changes to explore the ideas and trends that will
influence the path and future of health. Ultimately, we build teams to wards
the idea that a stronger level of support will help us learn what a Culture of
Health can look like—and how we can get there.

Mission Statement

“To make it easy to build personal panic/support teams everywhere.”

Core values:

What is "The GO! Model"

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Mental health conditions do exist, they can impact a person’s world, and most importantly, people can recover!
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