Individual Coaching

Using the Go Model

Trying to live in today’s fast paced world, trying to navigate through all the choices that the 21st century has to offer some people may need a helping hand. This is where the GO Model can help. The GO Model is a 6 step decision making process designed to help caregivers become better support partners, but, the GO Model may be used by the individual to develop their own goals and options. It’s hard sometimes to keep your eye on the prize, but the GO Model allows you to focus and keep your goals in line and considering all your options will expand your mind to allow you to make better choices in all aspects of your life. Individual sessions are recommended for entrepreneurs!

The GO! Model can help with

Pick the right business model
Build the right team
Choose the right financing approach
Ramp up sales and scale the business

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The Support partner session

Executive Coaching

Executive sessions can be in groups or individual needs.

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Individual Coaching

Detailed sessions to help with personal insight, valuable takeaways, and unique learning experiences.

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