Music... And GO!

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Your at the center of the field, hands in the circle and on the cue of 1, 2,3 ... GO Team!

You are sitting around the conference table ready to send off the new recruits to kick off the quarter ... 1, 2, 3 ... and GO team!

You at the center of stage ready to count off the encore ... and a 1, 2, 3 (GO team aka band)!

So many vignettes of life require a team. And to have a successful team you need to nurture and build it with care. At the heart of every great team is the sense of community, family, the feeling of belonging … and one experience that it so naturally occurs is with music. That is how our Patio Palooza open mic started. The gathering of people who love music, forming a community, and forming a team.
Having a support team as a musician means taking an already good performance to the next level. The GO! Model can help boost self-confidence by building and expanding support teams. For more information on team building Contact us!
Team building and the GO! Model help musicians (of all levels) build a fan-base and overcome performance anxiety.

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Music...and Go!

We put support into action

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